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What is Fun With Pot?

Fun With Pot is a collective group of artists from many walks, working with a variety of mediums, all with a shared love of cannabis. FunWithPot.com was created to establish a supportive cannabis art community where creative minds can gather to have fun and share the inspiration and insight that marijuana brings. In addition to sharing stories, ideas, and art, this marijuana community is also committed to cannabis education and promoting the responsible use of marijuana.

The Fun With Pot website provides a creative outlet for the cannabis art community and offers a variety of cannabis-related products through their online weed shop. Cannabis art, books, vape pen accessories, and other handcrafted marijuana-related items, designed to bring a smile, inspire, or make life easier, are available through the website.

Visitors to Fun With Pot are encouraged to show their creativity by sharing their funny pot stories and weed memes. Fun With Pot rewards contributors with a 10% discount on purchases made through their online marijuana shop.

Our Mission is to have Fun With Pot!

The Fun With Pot cannabis art community is on a mission to have fun and promote the enjoyment that cannabis offers, but also recognizes the considerable responsibility facing the marijuana community. Marijuana has become mainstream with a growing number of States legalizing cannabis for both medical and recreational use. As legalization continues throughout the country, the cannabis community must act responsibly.

Fun With Pot encourages members of the marijuana community to know their state laws, the laws of any state they visit and to use common sense. Being “weedsponsible” is ensuring that cannabis products are stored safely, the same as alcohol or other medications. Too much of anything can be harmful, and Fun With Pot promotes cannabis use in moderation and urges users to refrain from driving under the influence.

While the mission of Fun With Pot is fun, a significant element of the website is cannabis education. The site provides a host of articles, links, and resources to educate and inform the cannabis community concerning legal issues, cannabis research, safety, and trends.

Who We Are

Fun With Pot is home to a collective of graphic artists, woodworkers, screen printers, writers, publishers and other artists, as well as all lovers of cannabis.  More than just another online marijuana shop, in addition to offering cannabis-related products, the site provides a creative outlet and promotes the responsible use of marijuana throughout the cannabis community.

Fun With Pot invites cannabis lovers, and those who want to stay up to date on marijuana news, to visit, share a joke, get inspired, or simply gather some insight. Staging?

Fun With Pot Specials!

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