A Responsible Guide To Cannabis Use

Now that recreational marijuana is legal in nine states (so far!), you might say to yourself, “Cool, now I can get high whenever I want, wherever I want—and I don’t have to worry about getting busted or what other people think.” Wrong! As the legalization movement continues, Fun With Pot believes that it will become increasingly important for users to be responsible—or weedsponsible as we like to call it.

So we offer these five tips to help ensure that you and your pot pals are acting responsibly and helping to promote the cause—while still having fun, of course!

1) Stay Informed

The world of cannabis has changed dramatically over the past few years and continues to develop and evolve on a nearly daily basis.

One of the most prominent developments involves the legality of the plant, and it is critical for cannabis users like you to be aware of the laws that govern usage. Marijuana, whether for medicinal purposes or recreational use, is still illegal under federal law, but state laws throughout much of the country allow its use for medical reasons and nine states allow the recreational use of cannabis by adults. Products that are perfectly legal in one area may have serious legal repercussions in another. If you’re tokin’ in Toledo or dabbin’ in Denver, for example, knowing the cannabis laws and how they vary from one location to the next can mean the difference between having a good time and having to shower at the county jail!

Cannabis and the way users ingest it has also changed rapidly in a relatively short period. Medical marijuana strains have a THC content as high as 25% or more, a dramatic increase over the 2-5% THC content of the 70’s and 80’s. New extraction techniques have led to the development of products, such as dabs, that may contain THC levels of 80% and higher. Higher being the key word, here!

Edibles are available in a variety of strengths, and these products have a much different effect than smoking. No doubt you’ve heard the horror stories about edibles that go something like this:

1). Hmm, I don’t feel a thing

2). Eat some more

3). Nope, nothing

4). Eat some more

5). Still nothing

6). Eat a little bit more

7). Call 911!!

Take our word for it, knowing the potency of the cannabis or product ingested will ensure that you have a pleasant experience rather than a total freak out!

2) Keep Cannabis Away From Minors

Now you may be asking yourself, “Why can’t coal miners use cannabis? Aren’t they old enough to decide for themselves?” No, friends, we’re talking about minors here—folks under the age of 21. Except for children with a medical need, who are prescribed cannabis to treat their condition, cannabis products are for adults only—just like your favorite website. While marijuana is a relatively safe substance, like prescription medications and alcohol, it’s not for kids.

Take the same precautions with your stash that you would take with any mind-altering substance or firearms. Don’t leave your stash (or your guns) out where kids can get to them. It’s that’s simple. Buy a small safe at your local office supply store and keep your weed and accessories in it. In other words, be weedsponsible.

3) Don’t Drive Under The Influence

Driving a motor vehicle or operating heavy machinery by itself can be dangerous. Driving while stoned is just plain dumb and really dangerous. While cannabis may be safer than alcohol and many prescription drugs, driving under the influence of any intoxicant is irresponsible—and illegal! Responsible use means enjoying the herb in a setting that is safe, protecting both the user and the public at large. It is never ok to drive impaired.

4) Respect The Rights of Others

Being weedsponsible means showing respect to others. Marijuana use has become mainstream but there are still people that want nothing to do with cannabis, and that is their right.

Smoking, in general, has fallen from favor throughout the country and tobacco use in nearly all public places, including many outdoor venues, is restricted. The pungent aroma of burning cannabis brings a smile to some, but to others, it’s just annoying and disrespectful.

Research has shown that cannabis has many benefits and it can be easy to become overzealous in explaining and promoting those benefits. Not everyone is comfortable with marijuana use even if they do acknowledge the benefits it offers. Responsible cannabis users should never pressure somebody to try marijuana, regardless of good intentions.

5) Resist Abuse

Look, we all know that one person (just one?) who maybe overindulges a tad when it comes to cannabis. (Dude, four brownies…really?) But at Fun With Pot, we firmly believe cannabis should enhance one’s life, not create issues. When used in moderation, marijuana can ease pain, anxiety, depression, and a host of other symptoms while enhancing creativity and providing inspiration. And don’t even get us started on how it makes almost everything taste better! But, like many things, too much cannabis can have a negative impact on work, relationships, and other obligations. High-quality medical grade marijuana is not only more potent than in the past (no kidding?), but also more expensive (you can say that again!). Responsible cannabis users budget for their use to avoid financial strains and ensure that their usage does not interfere with other areas of their life.

Be Weedsponsible

It has been a long road from prohibition to legalization and Fun With Pot believes that cannabis users need to not only have fun but also act responsibly to maintain the current acceptance of marijuana. Responsible cannabis use is a matter of common sense and respecting the rights and wishes of others. To learn more about our Fun With Pot philosophy and weedsponsible cannabis use, go to www.funwithpot.com today. Now get out there and have some fun!


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