Celebrate 4:20 Around the World!

With countries like Ecuador, Germany, Israel, Canada, Mexico and Uruguay joining the ranks of the USA, the movements to legalize cannabis and end prohibition have spread around the globe. The 420 tradition, which began as merely a time of day to relax and smoke with friends, has grown into a global movement. Cannabis lovers now honor 4/20 with celebrations, protests, educational programs, and fellowship throughout the world, encompassing every aspect of the cannabis culture and industry.

Despite the growing acceptance of cannabis worldwide, the consumption and sale of cannabis are NOT legal all over the world. Before you decide to partake be sure to familiarize yourself with the laws of the land and abide. The last thing you want to do is inadvertently break the law and spend your vacation in the clink.

With cannabis laws changing and evolving in so much of the world, choosing where to celebrate 420 creates new challenges. To help with this Fun with Pot has created this helpful guide with a few favorite places to smoke and enjoy cannabis.


Canada will legalize marijuana for recreational use on October 17, 2018, with each province determining how cannabis will be sold and distributed, and growers licensed by the federal government. For over 20 years, Vancouver, British Columbia has been celebrating 420 and has a long reputation for producing some of the finest cannabis in the world.  In fact, Vancouver’s 420 event attracts over 30,000 cannabis lovers yearly and has grown into the largest party in the city including live music, a farmer’s market, and hundreds of vendors offering every cannabis related item imaginable. But the 420 party does not stop there. Toronto and Halifax also have large celebrations and a cannabis-friendly culture.  As nationwide legalization hits the Great White North there is no doubt that the celebrations will expand exponentially. So book that ticket today!

Canadian Strains to try:: Island Sweet Skunk, Chemo, God Bud, Jen Guy, Barbara Bud, Blue Dynamite and Nuken. (from DailyHive.com)

United States of America

The United States has some of the most complicated cannabis laws found anywhere. Many states allow recreational use, others medical use only, and some make possession of even small amounts a crime. At the forefront of the cannabis movement in the U.S. is San Francisco, the home of the hippie subculture.

San Francisco’s Hippie Hill is located at the eastern end of Golden Gate Park and has hosted an annual 420 event since the 1970’s. Camaraderie, protests, music, and cannabis have a long history in The Golden City and with recreational marijuana now legal in California, this is a party worth attending.The city by the Bay is well known for its 420 culture.

Since voters legalized the recreational use of cannabis a few years ago, Denver, Colorado has become a huge hub for cannabis enthusiasts.  Every year the Mile High 420 Festival draws in thousands of people from all over the globe with the promise of great music and stellar cannabis.

Strains to try in the U.S.A.: Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, Sour Diesel, OG Kush, Green Crack and Jack Herer, just to name a few.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Famous for their coffee shops which legally sell cannabis and allow consumers to enjoy their herb in comfort, Amsterdam is probably the go-to destination for all cannabis lovers.  While many people travel to Amsterdam to enjoy cannabis year round, The Amsterdam 420 Festival is the event that draws in the most interest. Located in the heart of downtown outside city hall this festival hosts a full day of activities associated with cannabis use.

Amsterdam Cannabis Strains of Notoriety to Tryb: Royal Dwarf, Northern Lights, Holland’s Hope, Frisian Dew, White Widow and Himalayan Gold, just to name a few.


Are you a Rastafarian? If so, taking a trip to Jamaica should be on your bucket list. However, it is important to note that while Jamaica is known for its cannabis culture, the country has only recently decriminalized the herb.  In fact, consumers are only allowed to have a small amount of cannabis on their person for personal use only. There is a caveat to this rule, as a practicing Rastafarian is allowed to possess the herb in an unlimited quantity without any repercussions.

Jamaican Strains To Try:  Make the most of your trip by tasting the local flavors such as Jamaican,Lamb’s Bread,Jamaican Pearl, and Marley’s Collie.

Marijuana laws are changing fast throughout the world, and 420 has evolved from a time of day to a day of the year that celebrates all things cannabis. There are many festivals and celebrations around the globe. Some countries have fully legalized marijuana use, and others have relaxed the laws that criminalized the plant. Wherever you decide to celebrate, Fun With Pot encourages you to know the laws and be weedsponsible. For more information on 420 celebrations or anything else contact us today.


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