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Are We Having Fun Yet?

You bet we are! In fact, it’s our mission.

Fun with Pot (FWP) is a collective of graphic artists, wood workers, screen printers, writers, publishers and most of all, lovers of cannabis. Our goal is to establish a supportive community of cannabis enthusiasts via this website—a place where we can all gather to share the fun, insight, and inspiration that our favorite herb brings.

Oh, and perhaps sell a few funtastic, pot-related products to help keep the fun flowing and the website going.

Of course, we not only want to have fun with pot, but also to advocate for being Weedsponsible when it comes to its use. It’s taken us all so long to get to this point of widespread legalization, whether recreational or medicinal, we certainly don’t want to “blow it” (pun intended!). So we’ll be offering tips on how to use cannabis responsibly, updates on the legalization movement, and provide other resources for connecting you to your fellow imbibers.

And we do want to hear from you! So take a look around the site and feel free to drop us an email, let us know what’s up in your state or town, send us a funny pot story or a joke or two—or whatever lights you up.

Onward and upward!

-Your Friends at FWP

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