All buttons are 1.25″ (32mm) in diameter

Pin backed

8 different button designs in each set

Button set comes in kraft gift tube. Ready to get your gift on!

  1. Even Famous People Get Stoned
  2. …and my parents thought pot was just a phase
  3. Always keep on rolled!
  4. Inhale the good shit. Exhale the bullshit!
  5. Don’t Panic! It’s organic
  6. I know a grass that is always greener
  7. This may be the pot talking, but I love pot!
  8. Pass Joints, not Judgement
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Pin one on your lapel, fedora or lanyard and show the world what you think about weed! All these funny and thought provoking buttons are handmade in Arizona and delivered directly to your mailbox.

You’ll get eight different full color buttons, in a craft oval tube. It’s what all the collector’s are calling ‘The Collector’s Collection, Volume One.’

So come on! Spread the fun and get your very own set of Fun With Pot Buttons. Also makes great party favors for your guests, at your next big bash.


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