The Duke Colored Ring Kit – MJ


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  • Marijuana Colored Silicone Ring Kit for easy identification
  • Five Insert Rings in each kit: Green ring for Hybrid, Orange ring for Sativa, purple ring for Indica, white ring for the battery and a red ring for the USB charger
  • For use with The Duke Vape Pen Holder ONLY
  • Easily change the color scheme of your Vape Pen Holder

In stock

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The Duke could be the only Vape Pen Holder on the market that is specifically designed for the marijuana Vape Pen user. If you’re a fan of the new 510 Vape Cartridges cannabis oil cartridges, batteries and USB chargers, The Duke is for you!

Need a spot to put your new Blue Dream vape cartridge? Use the green ring to designate that this cartridge is a hybrid. Just picked up a tasty cartridge of Purple Urkle? Keep it safe in the purple ring. And that prized Super Silver Haze’ cartridge? Place it in the orange ring. Now, when you come back later, you’ll know what cartridge and strain is what.

And if you get tired of the MJ colors, get another Ring Kit and completely change your Vape Pen experience. The silicone rings simply pull out, and the new rings are ‘snapped’ back into place.

There are 5 silicone rings in each MJ set: 1 – Orange, 1 – Green, 1 – Purple, 1 – White and 1 – Red.


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